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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  August 18, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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warm and yummy breakfast burritos and seriously tasty tacos. you'll find these budget-minded recipes and more ways to save at great meals start with delicious mission flour tortillas. mission. tasty tortillas. fresh ideas. patients vaccinated at sutter health e being welcome i am alan martin. thousands of patients vaccinated at sutter health clinics are being told now they have to get new shots. health experts say the first vaccines may not be effective.
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ann mac vick live with examples how patients are reabouting. ann. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. sounds like it was all a refrigeration issue and officials asked sutter clinic they knew about this a couple weeks before announcing to their patients including the more than 3100 effected. getting a shot isn't fun the first time around but 3,000 people in northern california are being told they should roll up air sleeves again. >> she said i might have to come back in and get revaccinated. >> reporter: there is a chance his recent vaccine wasn't effective because it may not have been stored at the proper temperature. >> quality control process determined there may have been a number of refrigerators that didn't keep the vaccines at the proper temperature or wasn't logged correctly. rather than be safe than sorry. >> reporter: the doctors are sure the vaccines are not harmful just potentially
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ineffective. there is new prosed your in place to -- procedure in place to make sure temperature is correct. >> reporter: they got vaccinated at 14 sutter medical centers, january to june of this year. the problem involves nearly 20 vaccines including polio, hepatitis, whooping cough and gardisil. now this nurse is afraid not all patients will come back. >> it might be another excuse for people not timonize but people should take advantage to come back and make sure they have the immunizations they thing they do. >> reporter: he is hoping most people take this man's attitude. >> it is fine you know, takes not even a second. >> reporter: sitter sent letters to all patients effected if they don't hear back from those people within
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the next several weeks they will call them on the phone and asking them to come back. alan. >> i am just thinking what if your first vaccine was good and you get revaccinated are they talking about getting a double dose? >> reporter: they are saying that is not a problem. there is no harmful effects in getting the second vaccination whether the first one worked or not. >> all right. thanks. breaking news out of the north bay, a big pot farm bust is going on in marin county. authorities found several outdoor growing operations near the foothills of mount tamil prius. this happened 7:00 a.m. this morning as we look at live pictures that is a dump truck what appears to be marijuana plants. a few details right now but in fact we don't know how much marijuana has been confiscated but it is starting to fill the back of that truck nor do we know how many people have been taken into custody. we will stay on top of this and
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bring you the latest details as we get them. >> explosion of whooping cough across the bay area could force students out of school talking about vaccinations. students not vaccinated could be barred from class for at least three week ifs an outbreak occurs. whooping cough is highly contagious, does resemble the common cold until the cough worsens, reports from centers for disease control and prevention show number of cases have jumped nationally but the increase in california is so dramatic the state has declared an epidemic. >> a little girl from oakland fighting a rare cancer needs blood transfusion. today's downtown oakland y is hosting a blood drive for her. 2-year-old leila was diagnosed with neuroblastoma she has under gone chemo therapy several times needed six transfusions she will need twice that much for the rest of
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her treatment. a close friend of the family helped organize the blood drive. >> once we started putting this together it is amazing the people coming out of the wood work. [ audio difficulty ] >> the blood drive does end at 12:30 p.m. but you can still help american red cross says go to any center near you to donate in her honor to find the center we placed a link to red cross on our website. the state has filed a lawsuit against the makers of inflatable bounce houses because of concerns about lead. now we are learning two deif he dents are based in the bay area, bay area jump in hayward and jump for fun in union city. attorney general gerry brown wants manufacturers to stop using vinyl containing lead and wants rental companies to post warnings on them. tests conducted for center of
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environmental health found some bounce houses contain far more lead than legally allowed. warnings are now posted at two beaches in monterey because of unsafe bacteria levels. monterey state beach along with lovers point park in pacific grove very popular with kids. tests taken earlier this week showed bacteria levels in the water exceeded state standards, marine life, rainfall run off, human activity can contribute. advisories will remain posted untim the water is safe for reck -- until the water is safe for recreational activity. a show down. operator of jellies dance cafe on pier 50 has been given the deadline of today to vacate. however the tenant said he is not going any where. a man was shot to death outside that club last month and another mac shot near the club 2008. jelly easeless expires today
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and the -- jelly's lease expires today and they want it closed. republican sam blakely will be the new state senator district 15. southern santa clara county to santa barbara. an assembly man from san luis obispo won in yesterday's federal election. if laird had won democrats would have been one seat away from 2/3rds majority in the state senate. he will be sworn in after results are certified within a week or two. >> president obama getting back to basics with the economy. today he sat down at a family's kitchen table to talk about their struggles. joel brown shows us it may take more than a photo open. >> reporter: president obama sat with this ohio family because they have been helped
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by his economic policies. he coowns an architecture firm that saw business pick up his wife lost her job but kept her health insurance through aid included in the stimulus bill. the kitchen table talk and informal town hall are among the president's last stops on a 3 day cross country swing designed to push his economic policies. >> we are moving in the right direction. we are on the right track. the economy is getting stronger but it really suffered a big trauma. >> top white house aids know if they want to avoid big losses in november they need to convince voters the president has a plan. it is going to be a tough battle a new associated press poll shows 41% of americans approve of the way president obama is handling the economy and 51% say the economy has stayed the same or gotten worse
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since he took office. in between events pushing his economic plan he attended fundraisers that raised millions for his party. he needs democrats to hang on to their majority in congress so far his agenda received almost no support from republicans. joel brown cbs news the white house. >> just when you thought you heard of every possible airline fee another one comes along. particular seats in coach that will now cost you more on one airline. a growing number of teenagers suffering from a problem usually associated with elderly people. advice every teen and every parent should hear. not many problems weather wise, we have a beautiful day under way, plenty of sunshine around the way area, take a look at santa rosa. still got clouds, can you believe that? we will let you know whether they will clear out completely in the north bay coming up ,,,,,,
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it will now tack on between 19- an american airlines found another way to charge you. it will now tack on between 19 and $39 for what it calls express seats. those are the spots in the first few rows of coach that include the bulk head so you can get off the plane quicker. it allows passengers to board the plane with the first general boarding group. they can only be purchased at airport kiosks between 24 hours and 50 minutes before the flight. american does provide travelers with the option to prereserve other seats in coach at no charge. more than 200 million eggs being recalled hundreds of californians who ate potentially tainted eggs have
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been sickened with salmonella. the eggs from iowa were sold under several brands, lieu certain, safeway, albert sons and farm fresh. 266 californians have gotten sick. if the car on the has this plant number ... return those to the store. we put all that information, all those numbers on our website warning for anybody texting, holding the cell phone while driving, highway patrol and local police are having another zero tolerance special enforcement day today cracking down on people who break the law. it is illegal in california to text and drive or talk while driving without a hands free device. >> cell phone use is the number one associated factor with traffic collisions. that is why we are doing this campaign. we don't want people to fall
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into a false sense we don't enforce this every day. we do, we enforce it on a daily basis but the difference with this crackdown we want to raise everyone's awareness and remind them dangers of driving while distracted. >> another zero tolerance day happened last week and police say they handed out more than 900 citations. new study shows teens have more hearing loss today than 20 years ago. now experts are urging teenagers turn down the volume. researchers at brig ham and women's hospital found one in five teenagers has hearing loss, 30% increase over teenagers tested between 1988, 1994. doctors say teenagers who don't know they have a problem need to be identified. >> different reasons, one is just possibly different placement in a classroom or they may need to have amplification or may even need hearing aids. >> i am not surprised entirely
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because they are constantly connected to ipods, computers, constantly on them. >> well, the latest study does not look specifically at noise and hearing loss, previous research shows loud music can put listeners at risk. dr. laura will soon end her long running radio talk show. that announcement comes after she used a racial slur several times speaking to a caller on air last week. last night she told larry king she cannot speak her mind on radio because of the backlash directed at her advertisers and stations that carry her show. dr. laura said she will finish out her contract going through the end of the year by the way she says she is not retiring she plans to write books and give speeches. >> kef depositing a check without going to a bank or atm. how you can use your smart phone. but is it safe? ring ring. progresso.
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saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. >> everybody who lives in east bay thinks we are crazy when we talk about fog. i saw the sun coming into the city and it was like 10:00 a.m. >> we cleared out earlier today than yesterday. we got chopper 5. we don't typically have it around noon. what a nice shot we start out san francisco city skyline and move on back.
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the chopper is in marin county talk about a nice view how beautiful this afternoon will be. just a few clouds over the coast right there. it will be a spectacular wednesday. and it is going to be a pretty nice rest of the week -- pretty nice as well. east bay location, you think we are crazy always talking about how mild it is we are typically freezing when you guys are in the 80s. today will continue to be mild and you will be in the 80s. 80s warmest spots inland lower 70s around the bay mix of sun and low clouds around the coast temperatures mid-60s. inland tonight, you know the drill more clouds moving in. patchy fog for the bay and drizzle possible for the coastline. our visibility satellite does a good job showing us who is clear and who is not. santa rosa, still got clouds we are expecting those to retreat back to the coastline. plenty of sunshine for the entire bay area. highs today, 75 santa clara, 74
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sunnyvale, los altos, pacifica, half moon bay. east bay mid-80s. antioch and brent wood, 81 danville, san ramon. dublin, oakland 78, 65 berkeley and 65 richmond. napa, sonoma, kentville. 63 sausalito, 72 mill valley and 65 today in san francisco. today we are still cool to mild. what do you mean tracy? cool along the coast but mild temperatures still inland and that will remain the trend thursday and friday and a cooler weekend is expected so do note slightly more clouds for the weekend temperatures backing off a bit. take a look at this photo called a happy sea otter, he looks like he is frozen taken by stay see bourne moss landing.
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>> he looks like he is mad like hey, get that camera out of my face. >> no, he looks like a famous wally or something. isn't he cute? that is a look what is going on for your noon show. you got a great photo go to >> careful he will bite you. >> probably would. >> thanks. how about you take a picture of a check with your smart phone, send that picture to your bank and just like that you have made a deposit on the consumer watch how that works. >> reporter: called quick deposit. you've probably seen the commercial. it is one of chase's latest features where you can deposit a check simply snapping a photo with your iphone. >> really for smaller deposits, make it convenient for customers, so they don't have to make a trip for a smaller deposit. >> reporter: branch manager michael says it is like making an atm deposit, scan the check it is electronically deposited. how does it work?
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download the application then log into your account, it deposits and enters the amount of the check once that is come pleated, press the camera icon and snap. when using the feature it is good to put the check on a flat surface and take a picture from right above. >> reporter: cheating the system is nearly impossible. corn says a fraudulent check will be detected by end of business day. not all customers are willing to ditch the bank and use the high tech method in fact some customers say they would rather wait in line. >> i think i am just comfortable going to the bank and making the transaction face to face. >> just crazy the which she can is no longer going to the -- check is no longer going to the bank you keep it in your drawer. >> reporter: he says it is completely safe to use. >> once the picture is copied through iphone it is encrypted to our back office none of the information is presented and retrievable. >> reporter: ken german says consumers should be careful.
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>> it is never 100% perfectly safe via bankings, phone, anything if you want it totally safe go to the bank. a couple things to know, the maximum deposit each day is a thousand dollars. bank of america and city bank working on those programs. if you have a consumer problem, question call our cbs 5 hotline. we will be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is at 5. and don't forget... today's tip of the day is with shitake mushrooms. a lot of tyke ever times they are now under $10 a pound. that is great because shitake mushrooms add so much flavour especially on risotto. make sure right here the colors are nice and beautiful, a little bit of cracking is okay. but check the bottom if you see most your or decay don't buy them whatsoever because shitake mushrooms do not last long at all at home. when you bring them home take them out of the plastic bag put them in a brown paper bag or get a paper towel and wrap them and put them in the fridge don't hold them too long. in that plastic bag the moisture will get inside and they will decay quickly. shitake mushrooms on risotto,
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like a marriage made in heaven. one day i will give you a great recipe. for now just sautee these in oil and garlic. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they smell very earthy. if you know what i mean. >> we know what you mean. you know what i think? holy shitake mushrooms. let's go outside holy smokes this yacht near sausalito. this is the other half. >> okay. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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